Date of Birth: 03/03/1993

Gender: Male

Gotcha Day: 20/07/1996

Breed: Arabian Thoroughbred

Fedj was the last horse of a stud farm which was going bankrupt. The owner didn’t want him anymore and because we love Arabian thoroughbred horses, we bought him in 1996. This was long before Mudita was created, but on the same property. Fedj was never really broken-in and since he was very sweet we left him whole. A decision which we now truly regret because it means we cannot put him in the field with the others.

Since horses aren’t meant to be alone we saved a trotter we named Guidy and it went well until the first mare went in heat in 1997. This made them fight so we moved Guidy and we tried to pair Fedj with a donkey called Victor instead. They have been together ever since and are truly inseparable. When we would take Fedj out of the field in order to have his hooves trimmed, Victor would bray out of distress. We quickly realised we could not take one out of the field without taking the other with us.
Sunset is breakfast time!

In 2015 when the other horses arrived, we moved Fedj and Victor from the largest field into a smaller one. After two years in this field, we noticed he was dragging his hooves when he was walking and seemed depressed. We looked for many reasons why and tried lots of different things with veterinarians but to no avail. Until we tried, as a last resort, to open up his field and let him and Victor wander in the garden around the house during the daytime (which is bigger and more diverse than his field). Since then he has perked up and he struts around as if he owns the place.

Fedj passed away in his field on 13 November 2019 and will be greatly missed.