Mudita Guests - Guidy

Date of Birth: 05/04/1994

Gender: Male

Gotcha Day: 1996

Breed: French Trotter

Guidy was a harness race horse. We wanted to save a horse to keep Fedj company and we got information from people around us that there was a horse meant for slaughter that we could have for the price of the meat. The reason Guidy was doomed to slaughter at 2 years old was because he wasn’t fast enough in the races.

When the trotters aren’t fast enough they are often sent to slaughter. They are never older than 4 or 5 years old.

Horses in any type of race are only seen as money-making machines. They are there for one reason only and that is to generate lots of cash. Horses are typically insured, and if the horse doesn’t make enough money the owners sometimes let them (or make them) die horrible deaths in order for them to claim the money from the insurance. (Horses need to die of “natural deaths” in order for the insurance money to be claimed but there clearly are loopholes.)

Find out more about the ordeal of race horses in this article.

Two different people (who have never met) who practice intuitive animal communication have chosen to communicate with Guidy, among others. Both told us he was disappointed to never have been able to show what he was capable of. We are therefore considering giving him a part-time job as a therapy horse.

We urge you not to go to or watch horse races on TV. Doing so only funds this cruel and sick industry. Instead, there are lots of races where humans have to either run around or jump over obstacles.