Alone we go fast, together we go far

At Mudita we know that to tackle the challenges that lie ahead, there is no way we can do it alone. We need you, your ideas, your network, your help.

There are many ways you can help us:

The most important thing we need is food for the animals and care for them 


Donate any amount of money either as a one off donation or as a monthly/yearly donation.


Donate food for the animals (Hay bales, horse feed, cat food, etc.) Contact us before you do so to make sure you have the correct food!


You're a vet, a behaviourist, a farrier or other animal care practitioner, donate your time, we need you!

Full-Time On-Site

Stay at the sanctuary and volunteer full-time for one month minimum to help care for the animals. Room and board is included.

Part-Time On-Site

If you want to commit one or more days a week to help us, or if you'd like to help with one specific project, we welcome you with open arms.


We need people with a variety of different skills and talents like video editing, graphic design, fundraising, marketing, etc. You can volunteer from the comfort of your home!

Mudita Guest - Farouche

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Mudita Guest - Benco

Lifestyle Changes

Individuals have much more power to make things change than they realize


Eat plant based (vegan) as often as you can, Eat local and organic foods as much as possible.


Don't participate in animal-centric activities like horse riding, elephant rides, animal circuses, etc. Avoid zoos and sea parks. Don't go "swimming with dolphins" unless you see dolphins and happen to be swimming.


Reduce your consumption of material things (eg. clothes, gadgets) Buy second hand as much as possible or borrow. Don't buy things you don't need. Avoid first hand wool and leather products, they are not by-products of the meat industry.

No one has ever become poor by giving - Anne Frank