Date of Birth: 15/04/2010

Gender: Male

Gotcha Day: 23/05/2010

Breed: European Cat

Our founder’s eldest daughter Nastassia got a call from a friend who was out for a walk in the Forêt de Soignes in Brussels when he found a cardboard box with 7 kittens inside. The box was taped shut so the kittens couldn’t get out. Nastassia brought the kittens to her mother’s home while Ariane was abroad but she knew she couldn’t leave them all there because Ariane would never be able to give them up for adoption as she gets attached very easily.

Back then, having 4 cats was considered A LOT by most people’s standards – look at her now with 14 cats- so Nastassia gave the 3 females to her boyfriend’s mother before Ariane came back from her trip. The four males stayed. We named them TazDangerIsis and Rambo. We brought them to the vet for a check up and they were all perfectly healthy 6-week old kittens.

Isis is the only “apartment cat” we have. He is not interested by the outside at all. There are lots of trees and about 20 hectares he can enjoy but he is perfectly content staying indoors on Ariane’s bed for the whole day, only coming downstairs to eat. He’s a keen eater and might be a smidge too big for his size. This is not caused by the amount he eats since he gets the same as anybody else, rather by the fact he does not move around. We would dare to call him lazy and as anybody knows, laziness and body fat are closely related. 

Isis is not very excited about other cats but he is very nice and a father figure to Noubia and Narnia who get a free pass to do anything to him. He’s ok with it all.

As far as his relationship with humans go he is quite jealous, but charming. He also has a bit of a hair fetish so he’s especially fond of girls with long hair.