Date of Birth: 30/06/2018

Gender: Female

Gotcha Day: 05/07/2018

Breed: European Cat

There was a woman in her 80s living in the nearby village of Queyssac who used to feed 20 local wild cats. Sadly she died leaving no-one to care for them, so when Ariane found out about the cats she went many times over 2 months to try and trap the cats, one after the other until they were all caught. They were neutered and socialised, and for any who were sociable enough she found new homes. Of all these cats, Narnia, Hades and Tara stayed at Mudita.

One of the last to be caught was only a tiny kitten, little Narnia, who at 5 days old was lying there alone on the concrete in the sun, in 38°C heat. First Ariane tried to put the kitten near the only other remaining female cat, but she did not even look at the kitten. Ariane knew she could not just leave her there, so she took her to a vet, who after one look said it’s not going to be easy as she was such a very young kitten, with fleas and lice and a back already half eaten by fly larvae.

But of course Ariane was going to try it. The vet explained that the only way for her to survive was to feed her every 3 hours day and night, which was made even worse as the little kitten did not want to take the bottle with the powdered milk (even then, when she was half dead she was already a very strong character, which the vet said she would need if she were to survive!)

Each time it took 40 minutes to get the bottle into her. But eventually she grew and became stronger. One time Ariane had to leave for Belgium, and no-one was available to look after a kitten every three hours, so she took Narnia with her in the car, even reserving a room in a guest house to be able to feed her at the right times, breaking the journey up into two days.

There are no fish in this "pond", Narnia...

Narnia was finally really well and growing up fast, so she was introduced to some of the other cats. Noubia took incredibly good care of her, acting like a mother. Usually Noubia was playful in a kind of brutal way, but when she had the kitten in her charge she became very soft and caring.

Narnia had such a strong character that she was eventually accepted by all of the cats, one after the other. She showed this character more and more as she grew up.

She can be very friendly when she wants to be but also very reserved. It’s interesting to note that kittens who are raised without a mother are not so easy to socialise. This is because they are not educated and disciplined, so in fact they end up a bit spoiled. Narnia remains quite fearless, seemingly not scared of anything.