Mudita Guests- Touki

Date of Birth: 01/01/2008

Gender: Female

Gotcha Day: 10/06/2011

Breed: English Thoroughbred

We have a neighbour who has a horseback riding club. He discovered seven English thoroughbred horses in a paddock without food and hardly any water, who were all looking worse for wear. They were all incredibly skinny. He bought 6 of them for a price lower than the price of meat. Touki was in such bad shape, worse than the others, that she was given to our neighbour for free.

Our neighbour’s intentions were to fatten them to a normal weight in order to exchange them for club ponies. Since he was pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to exchange Touki for a pony, he just gave her to us.

In the beginning, she was quite wild. She had also never been broken-in. She steadied by being with Charly, our dwarf shetland.

She had a few sarcoids (skin cancer neoplasm) on her body and one near her eye. Vets told us not to operate and to hope it would not get worse. Our feeling was that, like cancers in humans, it was due to her overall poor health, to say the least. 

All our horses get treatment in the winter consisting of different plants (such as spirulina, turmeric, garlic, etc.) and since we notice that they’re all in better shape afterward, we suppose it must have helped her too because a few months later all her sarcoids were gone. 

Just like all the animals who have known famine, Touki has developed an obsession with food. For her, eating is very important. She is very affectionate and very fond of humans.