Date of Birth: ± 2017 (Guesstimation) 

Gender: Male

Gotcha Day: 16/12/2018

Breed: European Cat

Ariane was contacted by somebody who was taking care of stray cats and she asked whether she could count on Ariane to help her rehome 30 cats because there was a sanctuary that was closing down after the death of its owner. The lady said the animals were not well kept and most of them were sick. Nobody was going to adopt them. A big animal welfare organisation was going to take most of the goats, the pigs and some of the dogs. They weren’t going to take charge of the ones they didn’t believe they would be able to rehome (like Aura and her mom Maya). 

Ariane helped trap all of the cats and 17 of them were then brought temporarily to the woman who had called for help. The cats either had calicivirus (FCV) or the cat flu. The other 13 cats were brought to Mudita. They stayed here for 2 months in order to be treated. Once they were healed Ariane started bringing cats to foster families in order to be rehomed. The first cats she brought were the 17 that were staying with the woman. It took 3 different trips to bring the ones that were at the sanctuary. Every time she was going to take Sidges along but he hid so she kept saying she would take him the next time.

When he refused to go the last time that she was scheduled to leave, Ariane figured she might have to keep him but she already had a lot of cats and felines are very territorial and don’t like it when there’s too many on one property. She tried to introduce him to the resident cats and he fit in so well, he just acted as if he had been there all along. 

Sidges knows how to pose. He also knows he's cute.

Of course we have no idea what Sidges’ story is and how or when he got to the now defunct sanctuary. The only thing we are making assumptions about is his right ear. He must’ve had an abscess that wasn’t taken care of and the ear therefore got infected and retracted on itself. The whole ear is there even though it looks like he lost a part of it, it’s just really scrunched up. 

From the start we noticed he had a very special way of behaving, when he came out of the carrier the day we caught him he immediately laid on his back so we could scratch his belly, even after being in the car for 30mn with someone he had never seen in his life. He was not scared like all of the others. 

Sidges is a very charismatic cat and we like to describe him as “everybody’s best friend” because he gets along well with any person and every species of guests we have at the sanctuary. He comes running when we call and loves to be picked up. He’s also our only lap cat and if you sit or squat down he almost instantly hops onto your lap.

He is one of the only animals who pays attention and gives love to Atos, our elderly disabled dog. They are often seen snuggling together in Atos’ basket.