Date of Birth: ± 2007 (Guesstimation)

Gender: Female

Gotcha Day: 02/01/2019

Breed: European Cat

Ariane was contacted by somebody who was taking care of stray cats and she asked whether she could count on Ariane to help her rehome 30 cats because there was a sanctuary that was closing down after the death of its owner. The lady said the animals were not well kept and most of them were sick. Nobody was going to adopt them. A big animal welfare organisation was going to take most of the goats, the pigs and some of the dogs. They weren’t going to take charge of the ones they didn’t believe they would be able to rehome (like Aura and her mom Maya). 


Ariane helped trap all of the cats and 17 of them were then brought temporarily to the woman who had called for help. The cats either had calicivirus (FCV) or the cat flu. The other 13 cats were brought to Mudita. They stayed here for 2 months in order to be treated. Once they were healed Ariane started bringing cats to foster families in order to be rehomed. 

An inquisitive Taz interrups Jade's sunset nap

We started trapping in December and were not able to catch all the cats at the same time. There were some that were so wild it was very hard to catch them. One of those cats was Jade. In January we went to pick up two dogs, Maya and Aura, and Jade was just sitting there in the cold, she was not moving anymore, whereas the month before she would constantly run away as soon as a human appeared. Ariane didn’t even have a cat carrier at that time so she just walked over and picked Jade up, put her in the car with the dogs and brought her home. 

We found out that she’s quite old, though it’s hard to know exactly what her age is, and she’s also deaf. She’s not interested in having any interaction with other cats or dogs, she just wants to be on her own. The main reason we didn’t try to find her a new home is because we thought it would be too stressful for her to change home once more and because most people don’t adopt old cats.