Mudita Residents - Aslan

Date of Birth:  2019

Gender: Male

Gotcha Day: 15/09/2019

Breed: Ouessant Sheep

Mudita Residents - Aslan 3

It was time for Benco to be shorn. While the shearer was shearing him, he told us that he bred Ouessant sheep and that the past year he had to eat all the little rams. He therefore decided to have them all castrated this year and try to sell them, although any that he could not sell he would eventually eat too. 

Ariane had been thinking it would be nice for Benco to have some company of his own species as he seemed lonely, and this way there would also be two baby sheep who were definitely not going to be eaten.

The shearer brought the little rams over to the sanctuary in his car. They were very wild, no-one had ever touched them. He told us we should socialise them as soon as possible, as when he would come the following year to shear them he wouldn’t have time to chase after them. 

Aslan and Onyx were never mistreated, and they stayed with their mother until the shearer brought them here. The first days at the sanctuary they were bleating a lot but then Benco became sort of like their stepfather and they calmed down.

Mudita Residents - Aslan 2

Within two months Aslan and Onyx were already very friendly with the animals and the humans of Mudita sanctuary. The three sheep really stick together. Benco is so much happier now – before they came he was ramming into the gate all the time to try and get where Ariane was, and now he doesn’t do that anymore.

Aslan is the leader and the more confident one. He’s quite happy to get some scratches from us whenever we’re around, contrary to his brother OnyxHe can be recognised by his short round horns. One interesting thing we’ve learned is that when you castrate rams so young their horns stop  growing.