Date of Birth: 01/01/2004

Gender: Male

Gotcha Day: Early 2016

Breed: Shetland Horse

Nastassia, Ariane’s eldest daughter, went to buy some floor tiles and the lady who sold it to her told her she had three ponies, a stallion, a mare and their foal. She explained that they wanted ponies in their garden but that they didn’t think they were going to have a baby. The first foal drowned and later they had another foal. The woman and her husband were fed up and didn’t want any of them anymore. 

An animal sanctuary Nastassia was volunteering for took the mare and the foal but not Spirit as he was still a stallion. So Nastassia took him and had him castrated. Spirit was so violent at that time that all the stitches from his castration exploded and he almost died, his belly was open and his insides were starting to fall out. He refused to go into the horse box to be brought to the vet. It was putting Tina inside the horse box that made Spirit go inside. This saved him. Nastassia was able to go urgently to the vet clinic. They had to act quickly because he was losing a lot of blood.

The first day Spirit met Ariane

Since that incident Spirit has been inseparable from Tina. When he doesn’t see her he panics and calls her until he spots her again. 

After his castration he calmed down significantly. Seeing him now you would never think that sweet little pony could have been so violent. He is part of our three musketeers which consists of him, Tina and Bison.