Date of Birth:  ?

Gender: Male

Gotcha Day: 11/12/2018

Breed:  Equus Ferus (Horse)

We don’t know much about Sand because, contrary to the majority of the guests at Mudita Sanctuary, we did not save him. We didn’t even get him. He came to us on his own. Literally. He chose us.

One day we found a one-eyed horse on the street, and we put him in the field with Fristi. We immediately called the local horse club, 3 km away, who confirmed he had escaped. They brought him back but several days later he was back in front of our main gate. When we called again they said we could just keep him because he was old and they were going to get rid of him anyway.

He’s very gentle and is getting along really well with his field-mate Fristi.

The farrier speculates that his eye was lost due to a riding crop (whip) injury. It’s just a theory, of course, and we don’t know much about Sand because we haven’t had any information yet. We don’t even know how old is he but he looks to be over 20 years old.