Date of Birth: 15/04/2010

Gender: Male

Gotcha Day: 23/05/2010

Breed: European Cat

Our founder’s eldest daughter Nastassia got a call from a friend who was out for a walk in the Forêt de Soignes in Brussels when he found a cardboard box with 7 kittens inside. The box was taped shut so the kittens couldn’t get out. Nastassia brought the kittens to her mother’s home while Ariane was abroad but she knew she couldn’t leave them all there because Ariane would never be able to give them up for adoption as she gets attached very easily.

Back then, having 4 cats was considered A LOT by most people’s standards – look at her now with 14 cats- so Nastassia gave the 3 females to her boyfriend’s mother before Ariane came back from her trip. The four males stayed. We named them TazDangerIsis and Rambo. We brought them to the vet for a check up and they were all perfectly healthy 6-week old kittens.

Danger was originally called Indiana because we thought it was a nice name and he seemed to want to climb on everything, but we soon discovered he was so scared of everything, and always had these eyes as if they were screaming “danger! danger!” that his nickname turned into his name. We felt he walked and looked like a martian, like he was discovering the world for the first time and everything was foreign and potentially dangerous. He would tread so carefully and with a strange pace, extremely worried about his surroundings.

Now that he’s moved to the property in France and had time to settle in properly he’s no longer scared, and his expression seems to have completely changed. He’s the most adventurous of the three brothers. We don’t feel like anthropomorphising but you do notice a difference in behaviour between then and now. He doesn’t even walk the same way. Danger has become so adventurous that his original name suits him now better than ever. Our furry little Indiana Jones.

Like the stereotypes will it, he loves boxes and bags. If he fits, he sits.