Mudita Guests - Victor

Date of Birth: 1998

Gender: Male

Gotcha Day: 16/03/1999

Breed: Provence Donkey

We were looking for a new companion for our stallion, Fedj. There was a donkey posted on a notice board in a supermarket. He was only one year old and the owners didn’t want him any longer so we got him. Victor is a Provence Donkey (French: Âne de Provence), and therefore has the typical grey coat with red highlights and the famous dark coloured dorsal and shoulder stripe called “La Croix de Saint André”, or St Andrew’s cross (aka: Saltire). They are well known for being calm and patient and Victor fits this description perfectly!

He was instantly attracted to Fedj and glued himself to this Arabian thoroughbred never to be separated from him. To this day, if, for some reason, we have to take one of the two out, we absolutely must take the other with or it’s panic in the field. Although they are both very keen on one another, they say that in every couple there is one who loves more. Between Fedj and Victor it is without a doubt Victor who is more attached. This also means he displays jealous tendencies.

If you were to step up to Fedj and start petting him or grooming him, it is guaranteed that Victor will be by your side in a matter of seconds, nudging his head and long ears underneath your arm in order to steal all the attention, affection and scratches. Victor will never settle for less than one hand on his body if another is on Fedj. Come to think of it, he is probably teaching us about equality.